4 Creative Succulent Projects

Succulents. We talk about them a lot. They’re beautiful, diverse, easy to maintain, and so very versatile that you can use them everywhere. This week we want to share some of our favorite ways that creative folks are integrating these fantastic living things into life—every day and for special occasions! See something you want to try? We’d love to supply you with the plants (and care advice) that you need to make it happen!

Vertical Garden

   Photo  by Martha McQuade /  CC BY

Photo by Martha McQuade / CC BY

Create a small planter (or cover the whole wall) with a variety of your favorite succulent plants. We love that succulents are so versatile that they can even grow and thrive on their side!

Mini Terrariums

  Photo  by EJ Posselius /  CC BY

Photo by EJ Posselius / CC BY

If you have some patience and a pair of long tweezers then you can make terrariums in just about anything. We love the idea of creating these unique terrariums out of recycled light bulbs. Hang them. Prop them up. They will be great in any space!

Succulent Wreath

  Photo and Tutorial  by Maegan Tintari /  CC BY

Photo and Tutorial by Maegan Tintari / CC BY

Who says that wreaths are only for the holidays? This is a beautiful example of how you can make something yourself that will bring life and beauty right to your doorstep.

Tiny Planters

  Photo  by Upcycle That /  CC BY

Photo by Upcycle That / CC BY

You can grow succulents in anything. Tea cups, terrariums, your favorite pair of shoes, or even wine corks! This blogger created wine cork planters that that hung beautifully on the wall, but you could use them anywhere! Cover your table with these little planters at your next dinner party, decorate the guestbook table at your wedding, or tuck them into your bookshelf for a wonderful little accent.