Unique Vessels

In weeks past we’ve taught you how to build terrariums to stick on your fridge, to remind you what it’s like in the desert, and to hang from your ceiling. Now we want to show you some unique vessels to display your favorite succulents. In Portland we have free boxes on every street corner; second-hand shops outnumber big box retailers; and garage sales abound in the summer months. We encourage you to look out for interesting glass or ceramic pieces everywhere you go, and stop by our store for the supplies to fill them. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Light Bulbs

  Photo  by Cloth and Clad /  CC BY

Photo by Cloth and Clad / CC BY

Harking back to the days when building ships in a bottle was a popular hobby, we love the idea of building an enclosed habitat in an old light bulb. Pick one or two favorite items to place in there with tweezers so that you don’t overwhelm the small space. This idea will be a real conversation starter.

Old Jars

  Photo  by Design Sponge  / CC BY

Photo by Design Sponge / CC BY

We all have an old pickle jar lying around or several dozen baby food jars in ourrecycling bin. Why not repurpose them for something beautiful?

Ceramic Bowls


Photo by St Houzz / CC BY

Because succulents don’t need the drainage that other plants require, you can find a beautiful ceramic bowl and use it as a planter. Make your own, find it on the side of the road, or stop by our store to see our selection. This is another great way to incorporate color into your home.

Garage Sale Vases

  Photo  courtesy of wikicommons  /  CC BY

Photo courtesy of wikicommons  / CC BY

We bet you don’t even have to visit a garage sale to find an extra vase. Check your cabinets or shelves, and you will surely come across the perfect home for your new terrarium! Any shape, any size, just add some gravel, charcoal, and soil with your favorite plant and you are good to go.There you have it. Four ideas to keep you busy! Now find your next vessel for a new terrarium and stop by our store for the supplies to fill it! Can’t wait to see you!