Welcome to Our Little Terrarium Shop!

Welcome to our little shop here at 44th and Hawthorne in Portland, Oregon.

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Street Address:
Roosevelt's Terrariums
1510 SE 44th Ave., Apt. 101,
Portland, OR 97215

Spring Shop Hours:

Tuesday Through Saturday — 11 am to 6 pm
Sunday & Monday — Closed to Enjoy Church
& Family Life


What is a terrarium?

A terrarium is live plants growing inside a closed clear container. It may be a glass bottle, a jar, an aquarium container, or a wood and plate glass Wardian case. But regardless of the shape or size, it has to be closed in order to recycle its water, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. That's how a terrarium can thrive for years.

As we like to say around here;

"If it doesn't have a lid, who you trying to kid? It's not a terrarium."

Here at Roosevelt's Terrariums we specialize in these wonderful, closed, science-based, self-contained, ecosystems. These are the only terrariums that allow ordinary folks to consistently succeed with live plants. That's why we can offer our No-Fault Warranty and Free Maintenance. And because our terrariums normally thrive, they eventually need pruning and cleaning— all of which is also provided free of charge right here in our shop.

Our terrariums water themselves by reusing the same water over and over again. That way you don't have to do anything but enjoy them.

Our terrariums water themselves by reusing the same water over and over again. That way you don't have to do anything but enjoy them.

If you’re an admirer of terrariums, you MOSSt visit this charming shop. There is such an extensive selection here, I’m easily overwhelmed.
— Nadia P. in Portland, OR

My son, Josh, produced this brief video about the shop. Enjoy.

Give the "Gifts That Keep On Growing."

Terrariums to fit ever occasion and every budget. And, every planting is backed up with our No-fault Warranty and Free Maintenance.

Terrariums to fit ever occasion and every budget. And, every planting is backed up with our No-fault Warranty and Free Maintenance.

There is something here for everyone, from our tiniest terrarium vials to our popular desktop terrariums and right on up to our larger "Happy Birthday/Happy Anniversary/Congratulations for Graduating" special occasion terrariums. Just drop by and pick out the perfect gifts for every occasion.

If you can't come in to pick the gift out yourself, just click the button below and we will send an Email Gift Card, with a note from you,  to whoever you choose. It's good toward a terrarium, or a terrarium class. And it's both quick and easy.

Please note: We cannot ship PLANTED terrariums. However, we can ship Extraordinary Terrarium Kits with everything you need to plant your own beautiful terrarium, including instructions. Call 503-734-9996 for more information.


Wardian Case Terrariums:

We build these Wardian Terrarium Cases to showcase what extraordinary means.

On the higher end, our specialty is to design and build extraordinary custom Wardian Terrarium Case Terrariums that provide healthy homes, not only for larger plants, but also for our cute little poison dart frogs. Now you can have a beautiful rain forest in your own home or workplace and succeed in keeping even rare and otherwise difficult plants — like miniature blooming plants, exotic tropical vines, forest-floor ferns and lush jungle mosses. 

We can build these fine wood and glass cases to fit your interests, your space, your style and to some degree, your budget.  They aren't cheap, but you really get what you pay for.  Interior Designers and home builders receive a courtesy discounts when they show their letterhead or business card.

Our Poison Dart Frogs are not poisonous. Just really cute.

If you look closely at the "holding place" terrariums below you will see our tiny Poison Dart Frogs looking back at you through the mists.  These exotic tropical frogs are actually harmless when they have been raised in captivity on flightless fruit flies, far away from their jungle diet of poisonous ants that would produce the toxins in their skin. They normally live for 10 to 15 years with simple care. We have quite a few and we sell them, along with their food, as a colorful addition to our larger terrariums (e.g. the luxury condominiums of frogdom).

A Green Sip Poison Dart Frog

A Green Sip Poison Dart Frog

Roosevelt’s Terrariums is amazing! If you love plants of all kinds, you’re going to fall in love the second you walk in the door! On top of having a VAST selection of terrariums (of course), they also have carnivorous plants and framed butterflies, so that’s pretty cool too :)
— Caitlin L. in Portland, OR

Why is our shop called Roosevelt's Terrariums?  First, because he was really into natural history as a young man, which included Wardian Case terrariums. And second, because I go out and speak as Theodore Roosevelt for schools, libraries and conventions. Invite me (as Roosevelt) to perform at your next event. I'd be delighted to do so.

A Blue Azureus Poison Dart Frog

A Blue Azureus Poison Dart Frog

We loved the history lesson and the whole process. It was a very fun date with my husband and our friends. We are happy and excited with our terraniums.
— Terrarium Class Members, April 10, 2016
Our Great Conservation President, and our shop's namesake, Theodore Roosevelt

Our Great Conservation President, and our shop's namesake, Theodore Roosevelt

A Dendrobates Tinctorius Poison Dart Frog

A Dendrobates Tinctorius Poison Dart Frog

My husband and I had a wonderful time there and we’re amazed at all of the different options of terrariums.
— Ileah K. 02/2016
Great store, the owner was very friendly and knowledgeable, I would definitely recommend this business - the class that I took was awesome!
— Jessica S. 02/2016
Air plants are one of our specialties.

Air plants are one of our specialties.

Fantastic experience. Would recommend this class to anyone interested in terrariums.
— Terrarium Class Member, April 24, 2016

Courtesy Discounts for "The Crazy Ones"

Roosevelt’s Terrariums offers a Courtesy Discount to all the professional teachers, health care workers, social service agents, police, fire, military, first responders and other folks who are just crazy enough to be such good neighbors. We want to say thanks to all of you who work so hard to make Portland, Oregon a better place to live. If any of that includes you, please don’t be shy about it. Show us your ID and allow us to take 10% off the price of all your purchases. And, for all of you science teachers out there in public and private schools, let us help you out with your science projects by donating a free terrarium for your classroom. After all, you are raising up the next generation of our loyal customers.
— Gregg Harris, Owner & Proprietor

Plant Your Own Terrarium Classes:

Our Terrarium Classes seem to be the most popular classes in the world.

For the "Do It Yourself" enthusiast we offer the most popular terrarium classes in the world (It's true. We have more how-to classes with more students per week than anyone else we can find anywhere. Three nights a week and twice on Saturdays with up to 30 students in our new classroom.) Learn the history, science, design and maintenance of a true, self-watering terrarium. Our classes currently have a 99% positive rating on Google and Yelp, and a "Best of Groupon" rating, having served well over 1600 students in just under two and a half years. We are on a roll!

You'll take home a lot more terrarium for your money, along with a lot of valuable information and expert assistance, just by taking one of our fun terrarium classes. Working under our close instruction, and using only our own clean and healthy plants, sterile materials and high quality glass containers (all with properly fitting lids!), you cannot fail, because we won't let you. Your planting will be fully warranted, just like our own, and you'll enjoy our free maintenance service when your terrariums thrive and need a little trim and a cleaning.

Oh, and by the way, you are welcome to bring along your favorite bottle of wine and a few finger snacks to enjoy with your friends and family while you create your living masterpieces together.

Our Terrarium Classes can serve all your family members, ages 5 years old and up.

Our Terrarium Classes can serve all your family members, ages 5 years old and up.

This is a great little store with extremely friendly and knowledgeable owners. Gregg and his son James make you feel at home, and are willing to answer any terrarium related question you might have. Not only do they sell great looking terrariums but they will custom make one to your liking.
— — Levi E. in Seattle, WA

My son, James (age 16), and I, are here to serve you. Our approach to business is very simply.  We do well for ourselves by doing good for others.