"I May Be Delighted to Help Your Cause."

Here at Roosevelt's Terrariums we believe in "doing well for ourselves by doing good for others."

One of the ways we do that is by getting involved in supporting worthy causes. It may be a local public school raising money for the arts & science instruction. Or it may be to buy uniforms for your Little League team or Soccer League. As long as it is a cause we can believe in, we are interested in helping out. We do not discriminate against anyone for any reason, but we do get more excited about some causes than others. So let's talk.

It all begins with designing and creating true works of living art for others to enjoy. It continues with our extraordinary customer service. We back up our plantings with a whatever it takes commitment to get it right, no matter how often we have to repair or replant. But there is another way that we can put our philosophy of success into practice. That is by offering to do what we do as a way of supporting what you want to do.

Is there a worthy cause for which you would like to raise funding?

It may be for your local school, or library, or for some important medical research to fight a disease that has touched your life.

It may be for your place of worship, or for a mission trip, or for some humanitarian project like digging wells or building clinics in some less fortunate part of the world.

It may be for a non-profit organization that is doing important work to feed and cloth and house the homeless, or to protect the environment, or to promote social justice. Who would you like to help?

Introducing Our Terrarium & Houseplant Auction

 Auctions are fun.

Auctions are fun.

Whatever your cause may be, Roosevelt's Terrariums has a wonderful opportunity for you to raise funds for it. How? By simply by auctioning off our living works of art to your friends and supporters. Again, we do well for ourselves by doing good for others. We can do your cause some good by helping to raise funds from your supporters, and we will do well for ourselves by selling some of our works of living art to a growing circle of new customers. We both win. So, how does it all work?

Just Imagine

Imagine a fun-filled morning, afternoon or evening, hosted in your home, at your school, or church or other organization facility, for as many of your best friends and supporters as you can gather. Good coffee and nice cookies are served by you as your guests arrive. Perhaps wine and chocolate are served as well. If you are able to do so, you will invest wisely in making this event special.

 "Do I hear $100?"

"Do I hear $100?"

All over the room many of our finest works of living art are on display. Your guests are ooohing and aaahhhing. They have never seen anything like this before.  All of these items will be auctioned off right there on the spot. But each item also serves as a sample from which those who "lose" on the bidding may place an order (to be picked up at our shop, or delivered afterward to their home or workplace). 

The bidding on each item begins at the base price, of what the item would normally sell fro in our shop, for example a $45 bubble ball terrarium. But because your supporters have come intending to contribute to your cause, they begin to bid against one another to win the bidding and take the terrarium home for themselves.

The auctioneer is good. "$45. Do I hear $50?  Now $55? Now $60.  $65. Do I hear $70? $65 going once. Going twice.  Sold to to the gentleman in the back for $65!"

But before the auctioneer moves on the the next item, he turns and asks the second highest bidder, "Would you be willing tobuy the same item for $60 if you could?" "Yes?" "Okay then, both the high bidder and the runner up will win this item for $60." The sale is for two $45 terrariums. But the income for your cause is now $60 (e.g. that's a $30 override for each terrarium sold). The next item comes up for bidding and the process repeats. Some items go really high. By the end of the night, a very nice income has been raised for the cause, and Roosevelt's Terrariums has once again "done well for itself by doing good for others."

Education, Home Decor & Fundraising

The whole idea of your Fund Raising Event will be to have fun with your friends, learn how to use live plants to enhance the quality of your homes and workplaces and raise a chunk of change for your worthy cause. Everything over the normal base price of each item will go toward your cause. Your supporters will get both sound instruction and valuable works of living art. Everyone wins.

The Talk

My instruction on how to decorate successfully with live plants and terrariums will be both practical and effective.  My goal will be to make everyone confident that they can succeed with live plants (Which they can!). As a seasoned workshop and conference speaker, I know how to use a little humor to drive home an important point. I am not boring.

Towards the end of my 30-minute talk on the basics of plant and terrarium care I will grant everyone "Complete Forgiveness" for any past mistakes they have made. Any "Black Thumbs" will be pardoned. Then, everyone will be encouraged to join the ranks of "Green Thumbs" by walking in the light of their now more accurate understanding of what house plants and terrariums actually need. It's that simple. As a closing argument I will assure everyone that my company backs up its work and is willing to replant as needed until we find something that works for them. We will prevail together.

Let the bidding will begin!

After my talk and my promise of customer support, everyone will be released to choose from our array of wet tropical terrariums, woodland terrariums, flowering terrariums, cactus bowls, succulent gardens, creative air-plant displays, fairy gardens, carnivorous plant bogs and even indoor bonsai terrariums. The bidding will begin, and 100% of all bids over and above the normal base price of each item will go directly to your cause. The amount of money you raise can be substantial.

"Book 'Em Dano!"

In addition, after your friends and supporters see how effective your Fund Raising Auction has been, some will want to host an auction for their own cause. So, in addition to the income from your own auction, you will also earn a $50 bonus credit for every Fund Raising Auction booked during your event.

Oh, and one last thing. Most all of your guests will be the proud new owners of a very nice terrarium. But what about you, our Host Coordinator? We believe that you also should "do well for yourself by doing good for others." And so, if your auction attendance is over 25 attendees, we will offer you a Gift Card for the terrarium of your choice, valued at up to 10% of the total base price we receive for everything that sells in your auction. You don't have to accept this gift. You may donate the extra 10% to your cause if you like. But if your attendance is over 25, we believe your efforts will have made this gift very well deserved.

Call Now!

So, what are you waiting for? Call now! Book your Fund Raising Event today. There is no charge. (Your only expense will be for the coffee and dessert you choose to serve your guests.) We will provide complete guidelines on how you can be most successful, and we will walk you through the entire process, step by step. It's that easy.

Call or text to 503-734-9996 to schedule your home shopping party now.