Roosevelt's Terrariums Debt-free,
Family-Friendly, Live/Work, Retail Shop,
Micro-Business Seminar

Presented by Gregg Harris

Now that Roosevelt's Terrariums has achieved such success, we get quite a few inquiries from folks far and wide who would like to start, own and operate something like what we've got going here. WE get questions like;

"How can I get started?"
"How should I go about choosing my core product or service?" (It doesn't have to be terrariums, but it could be.)
"I don't have much money, but how can I avoid going into debt to the banks?"
"How can I include my family members without everyone getting either crazy or frustrated?"
"What are the hazards I need to watch out for?" (legal, financial, lifestyle, etc.)
"How can I get organized for action?" (What is the sequence of steps I should take?)
"Can I start a business just like Roosevelt's Terrariums, and if so, what would be involved?" (e.g. License? Franchise?)

It's not practical to to try and answer all these questions one person at a time. And besides, this is another opportunity for our family to do well for ourselves by doing good for others.

So, beginning on Sunday afternoon, ???, from 1 to 6 pm, Roosevelt's Terrariums is going to open up "Bull Moose Hall" (i.e. our beautiful new meeting room), to offer a complete business seminar covering four topics of practical interest to anyone who wishes to follow our simple-life through micro-business strategy of "doing well for yourself by doing good for others."

The Sunday afternoon format is intended to allow our out-of-town students to fly in on Saturday afternoon, visit our terrarium shop, attend a complete terrarium class early Saturday evening, enjoy the sights of Portland, Oregon on Sunday morning and then attend our five-hour Sunday Afternoon Seminar from 1 to 6 pm, with time left in the day to fly out on Sunday evening or Monday morning as flight connections allow.

Each seminar will be offered for $499 per person or $899 per married couple. A "Pay Whatever You Can Afford" gleaning option will also be available for those who need the extra lexibility. All fees will be received as tax deductible gifts to Noble Institute, the IRS approved 501(3)c educational organization I have directed since 1998, in order to support my work in leadership development here in the United States and around the world.

All seminars will be presented live and in person by me, Gregg Harris, as the Owner & Proprietor of Roosevelt's Terrariums and also as the Director of Noble Institute. The lifestyle design material presented in each session has been designed to serve all ages, from late teens to early retirees, who wish to live the simple-life I advocate through Noble Institute and demonstrate through my work here at Roosevelt's Terrariums. Attendance comes with a complete money-back guarantee of satisfaction. If for any reason you are not pleased with the seminar, your entire registration fee will be refunded in full on-sight.

Seating for each Sunday Afternoon Seminar will be limited to 30 attendees, therefore, paid preregistration is required in order to reserve you seats.

Sunday Afternoon Seminar Schedule

1 pm: Session One— No More Business As Usual: Starting Your Own Debt-Free, Live/Work, Micro-Business, Retail Shop

1:45 pm Q&A Break

2 pm: Making the Most of Your Time Through a Good Weekly Routine

2:45 pm Q&A Break

3 pm: Education as DWBDG Marketing

3:45 pm Q&A Break

4 pm: Marketing Partnerships That Thrive & Others That Don't

4:45 pm Q&A Break

5 pm: The Crucial Key to Doing Well By Doing Good

5:45 Q&A Followed by Closing Comments

You may register online by clicking the link below.


No More Business As Usual: Starting Your Own Live/Work Micro-business

Would you like to own and operate your own "quiet life" live/work micro-business?  Whether you are young or old, an individual or a family, you can do it, provided you buy in to a few basic facts.  Roosevelt's Terrariums has been designed from the beginning to be a prototype of this "different way" of thinking about business ventures. Whether your product is terrariums or toys, candles or clothing, gifts or gadgets, doing well by doing good is the only successful way to go.

In the three 45 minute sessions of this Sunday Evening Seminar you will learn:

Making the Most of Your Time

Time is the ultimate "limited resource." No matter what you intend to do in your life, it will take time. But in reality you cannot really manage time. All you can really do is manage yourself in the way you use your time. And for that you must begin by strengthening your ability to follow through with what you believe is truly important.

In the three 45 minute sessions of this Sunday Evening Seminar you will learn:

Delight-Directed Study: How to Learn More, Better & Faster

Delight is to the mind what delicious is to the pallet. Rather than see your learning process as a discipline, enjoy it as a feast for your hungry mind. When one taps into the power of delight-directed study, projects like launching your own micro-business become a pleasure that never stops.

In the three 45 minute sessions of this Sunday Evening Seminar you will learn: