Terrarium Classes for the Young at Heart

Got a group looking for something fun (and educational) to do together? How about hosting a Terrarium Class? It all starts at 8:30 am and runs until 10 am on any morning that we are open (i.e. Tuesday through Saturday). This class instruction includes character building stories and motivational material. 

Cost: $50 minimum materials charge per student/parent team. There is no additional charge for the class itself.

"Bully. I have bagged a bear!" 

Bonus: You can forget the clowns. For an additional fee of just $100 this class will be presented in character by Theodore Roosevelt himself in Presidential attire! Bully!

Teddy was really just a big kid at heart. One senator was quoted as saying, "The thing to understand about Roosevelt is that he is only six years old."

This bonus package can make history come to life in a way that kids of all ages will identify with and enjoy.

Times Available: Tuesday through Saturday mornings from 8:30 to 10 am or Tuesday through Friday evenings from 6:30 to 8 pm. 

Call or text to 503-734-9996 to schedule.