Air Plant Basics



What’s an Air Plant?

Browse any Pinterest account (including ours) and chances are you will come across at least one picture of an air plant. These beautiful, spiky, and interesting plants seem to have captured the hearts of professional and amateur decorators, architects, and hobbyists. But what exactly are they, and how should we best care for them? 

Epiphytes, or air plants, grow naturally in tropical climates. They live by attaching themselves to trees, moss, or other surfaces and by collecting nutrients from water they collect from the air. 

How to Care for an Air Plant

Air plants make a great addition to any home, or office and are a simple to care for, long lasting source of joy for many people. 


Air plants need bright, indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight might be okay for small amounts of time. However, if air plants are left in direct sunlight for more than a few hours they will begin to dry out. 


We recommend watering your air plants by giving them a thorough rinsing under running water or by letting them soak in a bath of water for 20-30 minutes once a week. Your air plant should be watered at least once a week. You should notice that air plants will be softer and lighter in color when they are in need of watering.  

Those living in hotter and dryer climates might need to make watering more frequent. Look for wrinkled or rolled leaves—this can be a sign of dehydration. 


Air plants grow best in generally warm conditions between 50-90 degrees.

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