Favorite Terrarium Plants

Terrarium Frog

One of the things we love most about terrariums is that they are so easy to care for. Once planted a healthy terrarium will require little to no care, but add much to the overall atmosphere and enjoyment of your home.

For those interested in building your own terrarium here is a short list of some of our favorite plants to consider adding to your newest creation.  


Moss: Mosses are common in terrariums and are easy to grow. Scottish and Irish moss are two popular and hardy options.


Ferns: Ferns are easy to grow, tolerate low light, and enjoy high humidity making them a great low-maintenance addition to your terrarium. 


African Violets: This plant requires a humid, warm environment to live. The African Violet, because of its small stature, also adapts well to limited space.

Begonia Rex: This beautiful plant has a lot of challenges when grown outside that are addressed quite well in terrarium environments. Begonia Rexes need moderate to bright, indirect light, high humidity, and peaty soil to thrive.

Creeping Fig

Creeping Fig: Creeping Figs have small heart shaped leaves that can be trained to creep up and climb structures and other plants. They like constant, light moisture.

baby tear

Baby’s Tears: This plant is made up of tiny leaves that look great in a small scale. It grows abundantly which can be a problem in an outdoor garden, but it does well contained in a terrarium.

Air Plants

Air Plants: Air plants are known for being easy to grow, requiring only high light, and weekly watering. When taken care of, they will live for several years and will even provide "pups" for additional years of enjoyment!