Ready for Something Really Different?

Our terrarium class is a one-of-a-kind experience. You’ll not only get to express your creativity using tropical plants, live mosses, and beautiful rocks & minerals; you’ll learn the history, science, design and maintenance of a truly self-contained ecosystem. You’ll also get your hands into the real stuff of life, getting in touch with nature and then taking home something beautiful. No wonder our terrarium class is the most popular class of its kind in the United States!


Taking a Class is Easy


1. Book Easily Online

Just pick the date and time that works for you. There are six different times to chooser from each week. Make the class a fun, romantic date or take advantage of our Group Rate by bringing a group of 4 or more friends—life is better together!


2. Enjoy an Amazing Experience

We provide all the materials you could ever want—soils, plants and containers. You’ll arrive with a $25 credit toward whatever you choose to plant, so come prepared to plant something truly extraordinary.


3. Take Home a Beautiful Terrarium

You’ll take home a self-contained, closed ecosystem terrarium that will live with you for years and years to come—all covered by our no-fault warranty and maintenance.


I took a class with some girlfriends and it was so much fun! My terrarium is looking great a year later.
— Marlette

We maintain a 4.8 Star Rating on both Yelp & Google


Class Details

COST - Just $60 per person

(includes a $25 credit toward your terrarium)


Glass containers with lids, tropical rain-forest plants, live mosses, rocks, figurines and other materials are all included in the price. Terrarium prices range from $25 (i.e. free) up to $99+. All class terrarium plantings are under our No-Fault Warranty.


The $25 credit applies toward each terrarium and so may not be combined. Also, in order for each terrarium planting to be covered by our No-Fault Warranty, students may not bring their own terrarium containers or other materials to the class. Note: Tips for an especially fun and effective teacher will be greatly appreciated.


People 21 and over are welcome to bring along their own grown-up beverages to enjoy during the class (wine, beer or cider only, please.) Bottled water and gourmet soft drinks will also be provided by us, free of charge.