Our Groupon Terrarium Planting offers are very popular.

Our Groupon Terrarium Planting offers are very popular.

Many of our newest customers discover us through our popular Groupon Terrarium Class offers. There are three good reasons for this:

  • The $45 One Student Groupon Package Deal is just $24 (a savings of $21).
  • The $90 Two Student Groupon Package Deal is just $45 (a savings of $45).
  • The $180 Four-Student Groupon Package Deal is offered for just $79 (for a savings of $101).
  • You will find all these special Package Deal offers at www.Groupon.com.

These introductory Groupon Package Deals include our normal Terrarium Planting Class Instruction AND a $25 Materials Kit for each student at no extra charge.  Each Materials Kit includes a glass planter/container and all the plants, soils, sands, stones and other materials needed to create a beautiful open-top terrarium, succulent bowl or air plant (i.e. tillandsia) display.

Groupon Students are welcome to use the full value of their $25 Materials Kit towards an up-grade to a more extraordinary Materials Kit . Prices for our larger Materials Kits range from a $45 closed-top Terrarium Kit up to a $295 for an Indoor Bonsai Tree in an extra-large Glass Terrarium Kit.


Q. When are your Groupon Classes scheduled?

A. Groupon classes are offered on Tuesday and Thursday evenings form 6:30 to 8 pm. For groups of 8 to 12, we are willing to schedule an additional class on a Wednesday evening from 6:30 to 8 pm. We can seat up to 12 students at a time in our shop.

Q. I notice that you also offer free terrarium classes for just the cost of materials. How does this "free class" compare with your Groupon Package Deals?

A. In our Groupon Terrarium Classes the instructional fee has discounted entirely to $0 and the remaining $18 to $20 registration fee that you pay is applied entirely as a $25 credit toward the standard Materials Kit for the class. In our "free" Terrarium Classes the instruction fee is waved and each student pays only for the Materials Kit they choose to purchase. In this way we give you the same financial result as if you had attended our free class. The only difference is that with the Groupon Package you are prepaying for your standard Materials Kit so that Groupon can receive a small commission for their sales.

Q. Is there any disadvantage to us in our using the Groupon Offer?

A. No. The result is the same to you either way. We chalk up the percentage of your fee that goes to Groupon as our cost in gaining exposure to the wider audience that Groupon provides. They have been good for us.

Q. Can I save money by bringing my own containers or plants to the classes?

A. Sorry, but no. The reason is not because we are being greedy for sales ( though we do need your support to stay in business). The reason is that past experience has taught us a very hard lesson. We keep a clean shop here. Our growers grow pest-free plants. Our other suppliers provide pest-free materials. We even bake our sands and wash our containers when we think best. In the past, when our customers have brought in their own containers or plant stock from other sources, they have unwittingly introduced a few pests and fungi into our place. These pests then spread quietly to our clean clean materials and we had to purge our inventory. So, no.  Allow us to serve you with what we know to be clean and healthy plants. Thank you for understanding.

Q. Is there anything else I need to know?

A. Yes. Although the our discounted Groupon packages are only available to first time customers, you are always welcome to continue building terrariums with us by participating in our "free-with-a-materials kit-purchase" classes as described HERE. Our hope is to keep you and your friends coming back over and over again to create beautiful living art for yourself and as living gifts for others.