Terrarium Birthday Parties

Our Terrarium Birthday Party is designed for children and adults ages 5 and up. It is always a hit. We can seat up to 12 students at a time with a parent or guardian attending with each child (to observe and manage their child as needed).  As space allows parents may also take their seat as fellow students to plant their own terrarium along side their child.

Cost: $35 per child 12 and under and $45 per person for students 13 and older. These fees include a $25 credit toward container and materials. Each family may supplement this initial amount out of their own pocket if they choose to plant a larger or more extraordinary terrarium.

Times Available: Scheduling is flexible.  The class takes roughly 90 minutes. Please call to request your preferred time and date.

Call or text to 503-734-9996 to schedule.

"Speak softly and carry a big terrarium."

Bonus: For an additional fee of $100 this class may be presented in character by Theodore Roosevelt himself in Presidential attire! Bully! Teddy was really just a big kid at heart. And yes, he really was into terrariums and other aspects of natural history. This bonus feature makes history come to life in a way that kids of all ages can identify with and enjoy.

"Have you heard the true story of the original Teddy Bear? I would love to to tell it to you, and give a nice new Teddy Bear to the birthday boy or girl."