Our Terrariums Allow Anyone to Succeed With Beautiful Plants.

Four terrariums on a table

#1. Our terrariums solve all the challenges you face in trying keep beautiful plants healthy and happy. We are here to make sure you succeed. All you have to do is enjoy them.

#2. We have terrariums ready for purchase. Or, by attending a terrarium class,  you can create your own unique terrariums for yourself, and as gifts for others. 

#3. Every terrarium you purchase or plant comes with our NO-FAULT WARRANTY, so you can be sure it will remain beautiful for years to come.

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Roosevelt’s Terrariums is amazing! If you love plants of all kinds, you’re going to fall in love the second you walk in the door! On top of having a VAST selection of terrariums (of course), they also have carnivorous plants and framed butterflies, so that’s pretty cool too :)
— Caitlin L. in Portland, OR

 My son, James (at age 16), and I, are here to serve you. Our approach to business is very simply.  We "do well for ourselves by doing good for others." Let us do you a bit of good and we will continue to prosper.


Roosevelt's Terrariums, 1510 SE 44th Ave., Unit. 101,
Portland, OR 97215

Shop Hours as of 8/21/18:

Open: Tuesday - Friday — 12 Noon to 5 pm  
Saturday — 11 am to 6 pm
Closed Sundays & Mondays for Church & Family

Voice Mail or Text: (503) 734-9996 to Request a Call Back


Welcome to Roosevelt's Terrariums!


Roosevelt's Terrariums is not trying to be like a typical business.

GH Couch.png

Here at Roosevelt's Terrariums we are the very best at what we do— planting beautiful terrariums for a reasonable price, and teaching others to do so as well. No one ever thought we could make a go of it. But we have.

However, being a small, semi-retirement business, operating as we do out of our own home, in a live/work space no less, we simply cannot function like a large business. Our little shop is a successful experiment in creating a practical alternative for those, like myself, who either cannot retire or (like myself) don't want to retire even if they could. It is intended to inspire others in similar circumstances to do what I am doing. Why not stop looking for a low-paying job when you are in your 60s and instead start your own little retail shop, selling something that you love to your fellow enthusiasts? It can be a good life if you enjoy working. At least, it is for me.

However, by successfully rebelling against the unreasonable demands of our modern business culture, we have run into a few challenges: Impractical expectations concerning how many hours the shop will be open each week, how we will handle the phone calls and how we will respond to all the emails and social media messages.  Our goal was not to get rich, but rather to enjoy a quiet life in semi-retirement. This is my version of opening a bait shop, or a bar on the beach. Very simple. Uncomplicated. Great for my customers. Fun for me. That means I have to fight to protect my original vision from being overwhelmed by all the pressures that have come with my growth and success.

So here is what I have come up with as my personal experiment continues:


1. Our retail shop hours will be more limited and our hours will be subject to change occasionally as the demands of college class schedules and family commitments change. We will post any changes of our hours here ahead of time. Please be forewarned. We don't want you to drive across town only to find us closed.  On the other hand, we may open the shop when we are here working, even on those days when we are listed as closed.

2. We will let your call go directly to voice mail when there is a customer in the shop. It may seem old fashioned, but we want to give priority to those customers who are actually standing right in front of us. We don't want to ask you, or anyone else, to wait while we take another phone call, because it never stops. So, as I use to tell my kids with regard to their smart phones, "Pedestrians have the right of way." That means when someone walks into the room all the screens must go dark, you must quickly say goodbye to whomever you are talking to or texting on the phone, and you must acknowledge and converse the person(s) standing in your presence. This should be common courtesy. Therefore, most of the phone calls we receive are during shop hours are sent directly to voice mail and then we call back as soon as we are free to do so. We don't mean to be unkind to anyone. We just want to be kind andf show respect to the customer who is standing in our shop.

3. Though we will always try to respond quickly to every text message or email we receive, it will not always be possible for us to do so. Expect auto replies and canned responses to common questions. Again, it's just the two of us working here, we cannot afford to hire a lot of staff, and so we are going to manage as best we can. Thank you for being patient.

The best thing to do is just come and see us at the shop!

For your best experience of our excellent customer service, we encourage you to actually visit our shop. Come see the wonder of our terrariums and dart frogs first hand. You will be so glad you did. If you will be traveling far, it would be wise to check with us here to be sure we will open when you arrive. Thank you for understanding. And, thank you for keeping us so busy! We really do appreciate your support. — Gregg "Roosevelt" Harris

I did this with some girlfriends and it was so much fun! I have brown thumbs and my terrarium is still looking great almost a year later.
— Marlette Daniel Estes, February, 2018 on Facebook

This is my own personal terrarium here in my Quarters, upstairs from the shop. I made it myself out of solid cherry. It has had one poison dart frog living happily inside for the last 14 years!

Fantastic experience. Would recommend this class to anyone interested in terrariums.
— Terrarium Class Member, April 24, 2016

Black Thumbs Don't Scare Us

Some of our best customers are folks who thought they had a “black thumb.” If you've been frustrated by live plants in the past, help is on the way.  It's not your thumb. The culprit may have been too much water, or too little water, too much light, or too little light. Or, it could have been your cat chewing on the leaves. Or your toddler pulling it up out of its pot. But then, as if those challenges are not enough, there may have been an invasion of houseplant pests. Yuck! All these challenges are real. But we have the fool-proof solution right here: our terrariums. Our terrariums are true terrariums, closed, wet, science-based, self-watering ecosystems like the ones that were used in the early 18th century to transport live delicate plants across the oceans! That's why they work so well. And that's why we can guarantee every terrarium planting.

Our Terrariums Will Protect Your Tropical Plants From All These Hazards:

 The Wardian Case is the King of terrariums. This one sold, but we have others like it.

The Wardian Case is the King of terrariums. This one sold, but we have others like it.

  • Dry air caused by modern heating and air-conditioning

  • House dust that often carries deadly molds and fungi

  • Rapidly changing temperatures from cold winter drafts

  • Over watering and/or under watering

  • Curious cats (and also protecting cats from eating what could be inedible or even poisonous)

  • Curious toddlers (while still allowing them to enjoy the wonder of beautiful live plants and colorful dart frogs)

  • Insect pests that might otherwise infest and devour them.

About That No-Fault Warranty

It's true. We back up your terrarium planting with a no-fault warranty whether we plant it or you plant it. You can't fail with our terrariums, because we won't let you fail. All you have to do is bring your terrarium(s) in and we will either set you up to pamper it yourself, or, we can fix up for you, all just for tips. BTW, you may also add new plants to your healthy terrarium(s) whenever you like, for just the cost of each plant.

We Know You Are Busy.  But You Can Still Enjoy Beautiful Live Plants With Our Terrariums.

Ginger Jar.jpg

Many of our customers are people who love plants, but who are just so busy they don't have time to take care of them out in the open. They are often urban professionals who make good money, often in creative or high tech careers that demand a lot of time. They travel a lot, for weeks at a time. Even when they are home they exercise, walk their dogs, cook for dinner parties and maintain a heavy social calendar. They often live in small apartments or lofts with limited space. So, they want live plants, but with a "small footprint" and without heavy maintenance demands. It's okay. We understand.  It's your way of life.

Our terrariums solve all the houseplant challenges of busy people. Totally sealed terrariums never need to be watered. Ever. Our apothecary jar terrariums only need to have their water cycle recharged every 3 months. That's it. And, by bringing your terrarium back to our shop every year or so for a tune up, we can provide complete maintenance free of charge, (though we do appreciate your tips). Let us keep your terrarium healthy and happy for years. As I said before, all you have to do is enjoy it.

We Create Extraordinary Gifts.

Terrariums to fit ever occasion and every budget. And, every planting is backed up with our No-fault Warranty and Free Maintenance.

Our very best customers are folks who love to give truly extraordinary gifts to their friends and family. They like the idea that no two terrariums are ever exactly alike. Our diversity of shape and style is huge. And because every terrarium planting is guaranteed, (whether we plant it, or I you plant it), you can give any terrarium you choose, knowing that the recipient is never going to be disappointed, not now, not ever. Each terrarium, with just a little routine maintenance, is one gift that keeps on giving.

There is something here in our Gallery Shop for everyone, from our tiniest terrarium vials to our popular desktop terrariums and right on up to our replicas of the classic wood and plate glass Wardian Terrarium Case.  But if you prefer to add the personal touch, book a seat or two in our Plant Your Own Terrarium Class and do something together with your beloved! Sometimes doing something together is the best gift of all.

Our eGift Cards Make Great Gifts to Folks Who Live Nearby

If you live far away, or if, for whatever reason, you can't come in to pick out a gift yourself, or plant a terrarium together in one of our classes, you can still send an Email Gift Card, with a personal note from you, to whomever you choose who does happen to live in the Portland area. eGift Cards are good toward any terrarium, or terrarium class you like. It's also quick and easy. And, even though we don't deliver, the visit to our shop is half the fun. WE never get tired of hearing the ooohs and ahhhs of first timers as they walk through the door. So send an eGift Card, and we will greet your recipient with a smile when they arrive.

Are You Flying In & Out of PDX? We also have "Frequent Flyer" Terrariums!

Photo by encrier/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by encrier/iStock / Getty Images

A Frequent Flyer Terrarium

If you are driving you can take our terrariums anywhere. But what if you have to fly home? Don't despair! Our small and medium size "Frequent Flyer Terrariums" travel well as a carry-on through airline security anywhere within the contiguous United States. 

These are our shorter, lower-center-of-gravity terrarium bubble balls, apothecary jars and whiskey bottles. They fit nicely into our nifty gift bags with an ample nest of soft tissue to ride on. That way, they sail right through security and onto the plane. 

So, now you can purchase a terrarium here in our shop, or, attend one of our classes to plant your own terrarium,  and then take it home or off to the family reunion with you on the airplane. It's a great way to keep a little bit of Portland with you wherever you live.

Please note: WE CANNOT SHIP OUR TERRARIUMS. (And fortunately for us, neither can Amazon.) That means all our customers get to come visit our little shop here in Portland, Oregon to actually pick up their terrariums. It also means we get to meet you. So, whether you travel by car, bus, train or plane, our terrariums will travel well with you. Just keep them from getting too much heat or cold , and they will be fine.

If you are FLYING home, be sure to ask us what we recommend for air travelers before you make your purchase or choose what to plant in one of our classes. We will also provide you with the Gift Bags and a big nest of tissue for safe travel as needed, all at no extra charge.

Our Poison Dart Frogs Make Your Larger Terrarium an Indoor Rain Forest.

Frog Habitat.JPG

Many of our clients also enjoy owning and caring for one or more of our cute little poison dart frogs. They add a finishing touch to any of our larger terrariums. It's like a patch of tropical rain forest in your own home or office.

Please Note: Our dart frogs are NOT actually poisonous, though they would be if they were living out in the jungle and eating the bugs there that carry the toxins. All our frogs are raised in captivity on flightless fruit flies, so they are completely harmless—but no less colorful.

 A Green Sip Poison Dart Frog

A Green Sip Poison Dart Frog


Sorry, but you can only add Poison Dart Frogs to our larger terrariums.

 For the sake of each dart frog's health and happiness we will only add frogs to our larger terrariums (i.e. normally 10 gallons or larger). They need enough room to run around, climb and hunt flightless fruit flies (which we keep in constant supply for our customers).  We have the largest selection of beginner level poison dart frogs in the Portland Metro area. Come meet them.

The Largest, Most Amazing, Inventory of Quality Terrarium Glassware Found Anywhere In the USA Is Yours to Choose From.

That's right. We now have the largest inventory of glass terrarium containers anywhere  in the country. We have dozens of sizes and shapes to meet any style and budget. Our terrariums are so attractive, they allow hobbyists to bring their hobbies out of the backroom and into the front room where they can be admired and enjoyed by guests as well as owners. Come and see for yourself.  Oh, and, if you find something nice out there that we don't already carry, please send a link to RooseveltsPDX@gmail.com and if it's really good, we do our best to add it to our line. Thanks.

 We have the largest selection of terrarium glassware (with nicely fitting lids) found anywhere in the U.S.A.

We have the largest selection of terrarium glassware (with nicely fitting lids) found anywhere in the U.S.A.

My husband and I had a wonderful time there and we’re amazed at all of the different options of terrariums.
— Ileah K. 02/2016
This is a great little store with extremely friendly and knowledgeable owners. Gregg and his son James make you feel at home, and are willing to answer any terrarium related question you might have. Not only do they sell great looking terrariums but they will custom make one to your liking.
— — Levi E. in Seattle, WA

Come Visit Us Here at Our Shop in Portland, Oregon!

Great store, the owner was very friendly and knowledgeable, I would definitely recommend this business - the class that I took was awesome!
— Jessica S. 02/2016

We are located right on the Southeast corner of 44th & Hawthorne Blvd. here in Southeast Portland.

If you’re an admirer of terrariums, you MUST visit this charming shop. There is such an extensive selection here, I’m easily overwhelmed.
— Nadia P. in Portland, OR