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A miniature rainforest in artisan glass.

This self-sustaining ecosystem brings the calming beauty of nature into your home. And you don’t need to be good with plants to watch it thrive.


Three easy options for bringing home a terrarium…


1. Visit our Store

Our awe-inspiring shop is at 44th & Hawthorne in Portland, Oregon.
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2. Take a Class

Experience an unforgettable, creative evening planting a terrarium in our popular class.
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3. Shop Online

Choose a gorgeous terrarium online for pick-up in store.
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Make a memory (and a terrarium).

Come share the one-of-a-kind experience of creating your own terrarium. We’ve wowed over 3,000 people in our popular class. Just bring your creativity—we provide you with everything else and guide you step-by-step.


Worry-Free Guaranteed


Our Promise for Every Terrarium

We call it “The Roosevelt’s No-Fault Warranty”: We will repair or replace any plant that fails for the life of your terrarium.


 Proudly Made in Portland, OR

Hello, I’m Gregg. I’m the owner of Roosevelt’s. I planted my first terrarium nearly 50 years ago. I learned to carefully fold the plants and squeeze them through the narrow openings of cider jugs. I was amazed at how they became more beautiful over time. Terrariums have taught me what an incredible force life has.

I opened my shop on 44th & Hawthorne five years ago. I think an old hippie creating mini-rainforests is a good fit for a quirky city like Portland. I named the store after Teddy Roosevelt because he was an environmentalist who loved nature and because people say I look like him. And we decorate our store in the Arts & Crafts style of his era.

People describe our shop as magical. It’s filled with tropical plants, moss, tree frogs, rocks, pebbles and gorgeous glass containers of every shape and size. It’s a whimsical place. I hope to see you there soon.